How is it going?

January 1, 2014: We were so full of hope and optimism! We set goals (or resolutions if you prefer) for the upcoming year. The slate was blank and in spite of what had happened in the past this year we were going to….

You can fill in the blank or blanks. Lose weight, quit smoking, get a better job, etc. Whatever your goal was you were committed. Then reality set in. (Or the Champaign wore off)  Think back to your goals for the year. If you did not write them down chances are excellent that you can’t remember them by now. REALLY!!! We are only 131 days into this year and not only have many of us given up on reaching our goals but we have forgotten them. (OUCH)

Time for some transparency on my part lest you think I am just fussing at you. One of my goals was to make one blog post every week this year. (If you are good at math you will realize that I have 3 posts and there have been more than 3 weeks this year.) I had some fitness goals and some nasty nagging injuries that have put me behind. I had a goal to play my violin in public two times this year, and several others. Some are progressing well and some not so much. How bout you?

Let’s think about it. First your brain is a lousy place to store stuff. It just goes away (like the memory of what you had for supper three nights ago). Write your goals down and keep them in front of you.

Second, don’t beat yourself up if you are not doing so well on them. Remember to give yourself credit if you are making progress.

Third, you still have two thirds of the year left. I can’t make up for lost weeks that I did not make a post, but I can post consistently from now on. I am way behind on two fitness goals. I should be running about 7 miles farther at a time and bench pressing about 35 pounds more. But I was injured. Does that mean I give up? No Train harder, try to stay injury free and see what happens. I may fall short but I will be closer than I was!

Fourth, Celebrate the goals that you are doing well on. I am a VERY novice violin player but I have a recital coming up next month (I feel so much like a little kid) so I am half way there.

Best of luck on your goals. I would love to here from you about your goals. (I know the game to verify is annoying but the hundreds of spam comments were worse.) If I can help with your goals let me know.