Don’t Fall for Fantastic Claims

I saw a commercial for a diet product that advertised “Lose 5 pounds in the first week!”. Although you might lose 5 pounds in the first week it will not be 5 pounds of fat. Most of it will be protein, stored carbohydrates (that you need for energy) and water. How do I know? Look[…]

How is it going?

January 1, 2014: We were so full of hope and optimism! We set goals (or resolutions if you prefer) for the upcoming year. The slate was blank and in spite of what had happened in the past this year we were going to…. You can fill in the blank or blanks. Lose weight, quit smoking,[…]

Up to 39% Preventable

I just read a release from the CDC on a study completed on all of the early deaths in the US. The amounts and causes varied by state and cause but of the top five causes of death they were up to 39% preventable.  That means that 4 of 10 people who died of something other than old[…]